The second term at Rolleston College was nothing short of spectacular, filled with excitement, energy, and three incredible performances! One of the highlights of the term was the grand show, Cárnivale, which featured the talents of 11 drama groups, each bringing their unique flavor to the stage.

PLAY Drama Rolleston Show Circus 17 scaled

Onstage, the audience was treated to a myriad of unforgettable moments. The show kicked off with uproarious laughter as the funny strongmen showcased their incredible feats of strength and agility. However, it was Lilly Pope’s remarkable hip-hop routine as the Bearded Lady that stole the show, leaving everyone in awe of her talent and stage presence.

The success of Cárnivale wouldn’t have been possible without the exceptional performances of the Barclay family. Russell Fletcher, Emma Karon, Xander Delahunty, Amelia Privilege, Piper Gregg, and Boh Allison commanded their scenes in each group, bringing the story to life with their impeccable acting skills. It was evident that these students had put in an immense amount of effort, not only during class but also during extra rehearsals, ensuring that the story flowed seamlessly from start to finish.

PLAY Drama Rolleston Show Circus 28 scaled
PLAY Drama Rolleston Show Circus 29 scaled
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PLAY Drama Rolleston Show Circus 3 scaled

One of the highlights of the show was the mysterious character Henry, portrayed by the talented Ryan Lilburn. Throughout the performance, the audience was captivated by his enigmatic presence, creating an air of suspense and intrigue that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Ryan’s portrayal of Henry truly added an extra layer of excitement to the show.

Behind the scenes, there was an army of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to ensure that Cárnivale ran smoothly. The Level 7 students, including Jaren Friis, Alistar Lobb, Bridget Ellis, and Eillish Lewis, not only appeared as extras in various scenes but also took on the crucial responsibility of manning the mic table backstage. Their efforts were commendable, as handling the technical aspects of the performance is no easy task.

The backstage crew, consisting of Homeschool students Natalie and Fraser McKay, who manned the prop table, and Cohen and Ethan Anisy, who took charge of lighting and sound effects, played a vital role in creating the immersive atmosphere of Cárnivale. Their attention to detail and dedication ensured that every visual and auditory element of the show was flawlessly executed.

Last but certainly not least, a huge round of applause goes to the unsung heroes of the backstage team: Scott, Kezia, Rose, Merlia, and Nickie. Their tireless efforts, often unnoticed by the audience, were instrumental in making Cárnivale a resounding success. From managing props and costumes to coordinating set changes, their professionalism and commitment were truly remarkable

As the curtains closed on Cárnivale, it was clear that this term had been an absolute triumph for the drama department at Rolleston College. The performances showcased the immense talent and dedication of the students, both on and off the stage. The memories created during this term will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come, and the lessons learned will serve as a foundation for even greater achievements in the future. Congratulations to everyone involved in making Term 2 an unforgettable experience!