Term 2 is upon us! Time to take a look back at the April School Holidays success!

Our first week in the holidays was spent creating a show A very Unhappy Happy Birthday with our Junior participants! The group immediately got on and had some brilliant creative ideas based on our theme: The grumpy princess…

PLAY School Holidays April 2023 Drama 1

Once upon a time there lived a very grumpy King and Queen. No matter how many parties or potatoes they ate, they never smiled! The entire village wanted to cheer them up! But how?

As the week went on, our theme changed slightly to include a grumpy King and Queen, and the children decided the reaosn for them being so grumpy was because they were on very uncomfortable thrones!

Overall the 3 day workshop was an awesome success! The particpants loved presenting their performnace, which got a lot of laughter and support! Well done everyone!

PLAY School Holidays April 2023 Drama 5

Next up was our Senior participants in Week 2! This four day workshop resulted in 20 hours of laughter, games, devising characters and a brilliant performance based in… an Old Peoples Home! 

PLAY School Holidays April 2023 Drama 6
PLAY School Holidays April 2023 Drama 7

A group of miserable residents can’t stand their surroundings at Sunny Oaks retirement home. Until one day a delightful volunteer, Sky, comes to brighten up their day!

Our show consisted of a volunteer trying to help a group of old age pensioners escape their retirement home! We explored techniques like body language and character development at the start of the week. This lead to some very hilarious ways of escaping! Congratulations to all 8 students on a brilliant show!

Speaking of brilliant shows! Our last outing for the school holidays was to see the fantastic Aladdin Junior hosted by Kirwee Players!

Our students were in awe of the flying carpet, and seeing their fellow classmates shining on stage was a highlight for all! 

A huge well done to past students Robbie, Sammy, Lydia, Olivia, and Liam! and Congratulations to our current students: Evie, Beth, Lucy and Isobel – we’re very proud!


PLAY School Holidays April 2023 Drama 8