Term 2 is upon us! Time to take a look back at the April School Holidays with PLAY Musical Days and PLAY in 4 Days, and Drop in Drama!

We spent a lot of time monkeying around in the first week of the school holidays… On Wednesday 5 little PLAYers came to visit for our Musical Day! The group did such a good job at learning an entire song and dance in 3 hours, and we even managed to decorate our new stage at the studio too! A big thank you to Naomi who came to help out for the day too.

PLAY School Holidays April 3 2
April School Holidays at PLAY! 9
PLAY School Holidays April 6 scaled e1651611269507
April School Holidays at PLAY! 10

Next up was our largest workshop this holidays in Week 2: Our PLAY! in 4 Days! Our typical workshop has lasted 3 days before, but with a brand new space, a fantastic group of regular drama students, and new lighting, why not make it longer?! The group managed to deliver a 25 minute production in 3 days rehearsal!

PLAY School Holidays April 8 1
April School Holidays at PLAY! 11
PLAY School Holidays April 10 1
April School Holidays at PLAY! 12
PLAY School Holidays April 9
April School Holidays at PLAY! 13

Our show was called ‘A Scandal at Bodgerton’ and focused on 6 PLAYers who were invited to a birthday Murder Mystery party! The 6 friends played the game discovering clues and hints along the way… until a big plot twist at the end!

PLAY School Holidays April 4
April School Holidays at PLAY! 14
PLAY School Holidays April 2 1
April School Holidays at PLAY! 15

 Our final session was Drop in Drama! Which Rose lead on the last Saturday of the holidays. Thank you to our regular students who bought along their friends for some fun drama games and a big game of Rose’s specialty: Werewolf!

A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part in our school holiday workshops! Our first big performance, PLAYfest, is fast approaching! So here’s to an amazing Term 2 at PLAY Drama!

Tickets to PLAYFest are available on our website!