At our PLAY workshops, we always try to fit in the 5 E’s: Exciting, enjoyable, educational, engaging, and entertaining! These are goals we aim to meet each day. We always create new content that engages our students and keeps Drama FUN! As well as this, there are many more benefits of Drama and Play in every day life, here are some examples…

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During our Drama and Musical Theatre sessions children often learn new songs, play new games and explore characters. These characters take on a new language or accent, and all of these elements contribute to a child’s developing vocabulary. We focus on many exercises that allow expression verbally and through facial expression and body language!
In a PLAY session we use choreographed movement sequences or drama games to help the children explore their bodies and what they can do as they grow! Drama also helps emotional growth; by encouraging children to ‘act out’ a range of emotions at PLAY Drama classes, children are better able to understand their feelings and develop empathy for others. 
Teamwork is heavily involved in our PLAY Drama sessions, especially if we are focusing on creating our own performances. Children are often encouraged to partake in all activities in class in order to create a strong bond between their fellow actors! Every activity from playing drama games to improvisation to singing together, requires cooperation. Children quickly realise that to get the best out of sessions, cooperation is a much-needed skill! By it very nature drama can create strong bonds between children as they laugh, learn and grow together week after week after week!
 Creative people can view things in new ways and from different perspectives. They can think on their feet and generate new ideas. Our child-led approach to improvisation and devised theatre encourages the development of creativity as children lead the direction of the drama themselves, come up with solutions to problems in role, and respond imaginatively to a range of pretend situations.
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Even the shyest of children take just a few weeks to gently build up their self-esteem and before long they are confident to take a full and active part in sessions!
Nickie Hughes, the creator and founder of PLAY, has many years’ experience of teaching drama to children. If you have any questions about our classes that haven’t been addressed in this post, please do get in touch.