On 1st November 2020 a group of PLAY students met at Foster Park alongside students from Aurora Dance Studio! At 3pm we all took the bus to the The Court Theatre to watch The Early Early Late Show. This is a hilarious improvised comedy show, based around improvisation, where the audience has fun watching actors compete against each other or work together to create comedy magic! The entire premise of the show is based on suggestions from the audience, and they even include audience members in the show! We were lucky enough to have four of our students take part in the performance!

Katie decided, as narrator of a short scene, that two of the actors were horse riding and… eating their jeans?! Instead of their words, Alistar had to be in control of the actors bodies… which subsequently left a lot of them rolling around on the floor! I think Santa was in there somewhere too!?

Chloe and Hudson bravely stepped up to the challenge of being in the final scene of the day, which involved Chloe zip-lining to find a mystery corgi (Hudson) who could also break dance! At the end of the scene Chloe celebrated with her catch phrase: “Oh Yeh!”

It was awesome seeing the kids on stage and enjoying themselves, and a lot of students have already said they’d like to go back again, so I guess the next trip will be bigger and better in 2021!

After the show had finished, we headed back to Rolleston for pizza at the park! As well as dinner we managed to get some last minute playtime in before parents came to collect at 7:15pm.

It was an awesome day out for all involved, including myself and Shannon! We’re very lucky to be able to work with polite, friendly… and hilarious students!

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Our 2020 Field Trip! 12