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Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), is run each year by the Mental Health Foundation. Anxiety affects everyone; it doesn’t discriminate on location, education, nor does it affect only one, age group. At PLAY, we believe it is important to instil confidence and self esteem in all of our Players so they can arm themselves with real skills for later in life. Here is how our creative learning fits benefits children’s wellbeing…

Physical Wellbeing  

At PLAY we focus on many exercises that allow expression verbally and through facial expression and body language! Children will use their bodies, posture, facial expression and movement. Learning technical skills, performing and receiving feedback, improves their physical abilities by implementing learnt techniques. This leaves our Players feeling confidence in their own ability!


Intellectual well-being  

Drama, along with other creative arts therapies like dance and music, has been shown to lessen anxiety. The brain gets active during improvisation. Whether it is with a musical instrument or with the spoken word, many areas of the brain get busy, particularly the medial pre-frontal cortex.By continuing the learning from the classroom, children are improving attainment as well as increasing their self esteem. Drama adapts to all learning styles!

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Social Wellbeing  
Children are often encouraged to partake in all activities in class in order to create a strong bond between their fellow actors! Every activity from playing drama games to improvisation to singing together, requires cooperation and collaboration! By providing opportunities to shareideas, collaborate creatively, give and receive feedback allows children to grow in confidence and feel part of a team. 
Emotional Wellbeing 
Our child-led approach to devised theatre encourages the development of creativity as children lead the direction of the drama themselves, come up with solutions to problems in role, and respond imaginatively to a range of pretend situations. Approaching a topic creatively allows children to feel achievement and success, as they take ownership of their work. It is their own interpretation, therefore there is no wrong answer!

Nickie’s calm mentality is supportive and is nurturing the growth in self-esteem, confidence and skills of the kids. PLAY Drama is a place for children to express themselves as individuals alongside their peers. Thanks Nickie and team, you rock!

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Nickie Hughes, the creator and founder of PLAY, has many years’ experience of teaching drama to children. If you have any questions about our classes that haven’t been addressed in this post, please do get in touch.


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