A big congratulations to Bear and Arabelle, who are our Player of the Term for Term 1 of 2023!

Bear and Arabelle have been doing drama since they were 5 and 7 years old… now Arabelle is about to turn 8 this year, and Bear is 10! Where has the time gone? Not many students can say that they’ve been in every large Drama show we’ve done, but Bear proudly points out that he’s signed every poster in our studio, and his little sister Arabelle is not far behind him! Having starred in shows like Merry Grinchmas, The Wild Wild West and finishing countless projects with us like our student Films Incognito and Puss in Boots, Bear and Arabelle have done it all!

We had a chat with the kids to find out more about their theatre journey. Here’s what they had to say:

play Students Love Drama 2

Arabelle, What’s your best memory with PLAY?

My best memory was the play when I was a teddy bear with my friend Deirdre…and also I loved being Puss In boots in Film Term!


Bear, What are you most proud of with your time at PLAY?

I’m proud of getting up on stage and feeling confident!

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What do you like best about PLAY?

Its fun making up your own characters, and plays. I like playing games after!


Getting to know one another and also making characters and finding out what your play is about. I love having Nickie as my teacher!


It’s awesome to hear what our students have to say about PLAY. Interested in hearing a parent’s perspective? We asked Bear and Arabelle’s Mum to weigh in.

How do you think PLAY has benefited your children, Christina?

Bear has grown more confidant in group settings and will offer his thoughts and opinions alot more. I love that PLAY encourages each child to have a voice within the group – that really sets kids up to both listen to others and incorporate their input into the group, and have their own voice as well. Very good life social skills!

PLAY has really encouraged Arabelle’s creativity and helped her confidence within a group setting’s. It’s a great group for her to let her light shine.

And what about their teacher? Nickie has had the pleasure of teaching Bear and Arabelle since PLAY’s initial classes at Clearview Primary School

play Students Love Drama 5 1

Seeing Arabelle and Bear grow so much in confidence and (and height!) has been such a joy, and it’s exactly why I teach.

When Bear started with us, he was very shy. He had a timid nature but you can tell he loved the games, now he bounds into a room with a big smile and confident voice – this is exactly why I do what I do!

Arabelle has always had a quiet confidence in her, but what I’ve loved about teaching her is unlocking all of her creative ideas!

Nickie Hughes, PLAY Owner and Drama Teacher

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