A big congratulations to Eleanor, Who is Player of the Term for Term 4 of 2022!

Eleanor is a busy student with PLAY: she attends Musical Theatre with Nickie on Tuesdays in our studio and Rolleston, and also does Drama with Beth and Kezia in our Lincoln based classes too! We had a chat with Eleanor to find out more about her theatre journey. Here’s what she had to say:

PLAY: Hey Eleanor! How long have you been part of PLAY Drama? Eleanor: About two years!
PLAY: What are you most proud of about your time at PLAY? Eleanor: We did a show in Rolleston for Musical Theatre at night time, and I felt like I was a real actor! I even got to introduce one of the senior groups for their performance of Waterloo!
PLAY: What is your best memory from PLAY? Eleanor: That time when we did a big show at the Lincoln Event Centre, I got to do lots of character changes, I was a cowboy baker, then I was evil at the end!
PLAY: What do you like best about PLAY? Eleanor: The dances, I get to be as dramatic as I want! I love acting!

It’s awesome to hear what our students have to say about PLAY. Interested in hearing a parent’s perspective? We asked Eleanor’s mum to weigh in.

PLAY: How do you think PLAY has benefited Eleanor? Fran: “She is just so happy doing drama! She is learning teamwork, supporting others, communication skills, confidence speaking clearly in front of a crowd”

Thinking about drama in 2023?

PLAYER OF THE TERM: Eleanor Fitchett 7

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