Well done to our Player(S) of the Term for Term 2 2022, Evan and Liam! We asked the boys some questions about their time at PLAY. Here’s what they had to say:

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Evan and Liam have been part of PLAY Drama as long as it has existed in Rolleston.
The boys have invited several friends to join them during their classes, they love creating with them!
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We have so much random fun during our school holiday programmes! Yes, thats two PLAYers dressed as meatballs!
After 4 years with us, the boys still absolutely LOVE drama

As much as we love hearing from our students, it’s also great to get a parents’ perspective. Evan and Liam’s mum, Cara, answered some questions for us and had her say:

Cara can be seen sat front row on one of the boys’ first in-school performances!
We love connecting our PLAYers with new children outside of their school, it’s awesome! Thank you for your kind words, Cara.

You’ll find Evan and Liam in our new Thursday classes at our PLAY Studio next term! Thanks Boys!

PLAYER(S) OF THE TERM: Evan... and Liam! 8

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