The Rolleston Drama festival was a showcase exhibiting the work of several drama classes that was prepared all the way back in Term 1 2020! 60 students from PLAY and Singing Stars Drama performed on 5th September 2020! Due to the country being in Alert Level 2, changes had to be made to the schedule, so we decided to put on a full day’s worth of Drama shows!

Here are just a few photos from the event. A big well done to all of our students, and a huge thank you to volunteers who helped on the day too!

Clearview Ages 6-8: The Wacky Wild

Welcome to the Wacky Wild! The jungle filled with unexpected friendships! Join our explorers as we search for different animals – and avoid getting eaten along the way! Our students decided their own characters this term, and learned all about their animals so they could share their findings with the audience!

Wacky Wild
September 2020: The Rolleston Drama Festival 5

Clearview Ages 9-12: The Internet cafe

What do we do when we’re cut off from wifi? How do we behave? Our students have examined extremes of characters this term, and have written a comedy reflecting how different charactatures react when their beloved wifi is taken away from them.

Untitled design
September 2020: The Rolleston Drama Festival 6

Rolleston Drama Ages 6-8: The Evil Librarian!

SHHH! Don’t let the librarian catch you! The girls are diving into imaginary worlds of spells and experiments, secret spies and superheroes! But they’d better be careful, otherwise the evil librarian will catch them!

Untitled design 2
September 2020: The Rolleston Drama Festival 7

Rolleston Drama Ages 9-12: Why Was Sam Late for School?

A disruptive class of youngers dupe their substitute teacher into wasting a whole morning of class to avoid presentation day!

Untitled design 3
September 2020: The Rolleston Drama Festival 8