At our PLAY workshops, we always try to fit in the 5 E’s: Exciting, enjoyable, educational, engaging, and entertaining! These are goals we aim to meet each day. We always create new content that engages our students and keeps Drama FUN! As well as this, there are many more benefits of Musical Theatre and Play in every day life, here are some examples…

Musical theatre can provide many benefits to children, including:
  • Improving musical abilities:
  • Participating in musical theatre helps children develop their musical skills, such as singing and playing instruments, as well as their sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Enhancing creativity:
  • Musical theatre combines elements of music, dance, and acting, providing a platform for children to express their creativity in multiple ways.
  • Building confidence:
  • Performing in front of an audience can help children build confidence and overcome stage fright
  • Developing teamwork skills:
  • Like drama, musical theatre requires children to work together as a team, which helps them develop collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Encouraging self-expression:
  • Musical theatre provides an opportunity for children to express themselves through music and lyrics, which can be especially beneficial for children who struggle with verbal communication.
  • Improving memory and focus:
  • Learning musical numbers, choreography, and lines requires focus and attention, which can help improve children’s memory and cognitive abilities.
  • Creating a sense of community:
  • Participating in musical theatre can foster a sense of community and belonging, as children work together towards a common goal.
  • Overall, musical theatre can be a fun and engaging activity that provides children with many benefits, including opportunities to develop musical abilities, creativity, confidence, teamwork skills, self-expression, memory and focus, and a sense of community.


Nickie Hughes, the creator and founder of PLAY, has many years’ experience of teaching drama to children. If you have any questions about our classes that haven’t been addressed in this post, please do get in touch.